About Accreditation

UG got its definitive operating license on May, 11st, 2011 by the cabinet resolution n°3 under the accreditation of post-secondary institutions by the Ministry of Education.

Our Quality Commitment

UG always maintains a consistent higher standard as per the Ministry of education's legislation by guaranteeing that the principles of institutional quality assurance in Rwanda's higher education are maintained. It will hone all its energies and potentialities towards imparting knowledge which will equip the students to face the challenges in life with required skills drawing insights from new sciences and technologies as well as enable them to acquire humanistic values. The university is committed to its philosophical moorings of spiritual and social equity in its orientation, research, and extension activities.

UG centers its education on the following learning values:

  • Faith,
  • Excellence,
  • Integrity,
  • Cooperation and sociability.

It was in the same angle that UG was founded in order to provide a fully qualified personnel in ICT, Health, and Education fields.


This faith is rooted in the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church's philosophy. Even if this higher learning institute respects each and every individual's beliefs; be it administration members, or staff are expected to integrate a Seventh-day Adventist's biblical faith into the regular learning activities of the UG's students by focusing on a knowledge and love of God as the Creator and Redeemer of mankind by the study of God’s Word—the Holy Bible.

As the UG approaches the ideals expressed in the preceding Christian philosophy, the educational community will demonstrate the following behaviors as evidence of the relationship with both God and fellowmen in the following points:

  • An abiding love for one’s country, making it a peaceful and safe place to live in, leading one to do all he/she can to preserve and improve its natural resources.
  • A deep love and respect for fellow men with efforts to make life comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful to everyone.
  • A high regard and respect for human life, doing all one can to preserve and prolong it.


UG is committed to provide a Christ centered, quality-education founded on a holistic approach.

Quality shall be the hallmark in all its undertakings, including research and service delivery to the students and community at large. The UG's excellence in teaching provides an education system that equips every graduate to achieve his or her God-given potential by maximizing their potential for learning and prepares them for success in the 21st century.


UG is a self-governing university that requires ethical behavior of its administration, faculty, staff, and students that goes beyond simple compliance with the law. Respect for these requirements creates a moral authority for this higher learning institute to insist upon an appropriate behavior. This authority is essential to the accomplishment of the university's mission. Integrity as described in the following statement is a defining feature of the UG community's high expectations for the conduct of its members.

To achieve this, the following apply to the administration members, staff, and students:

  • Practice of the Mission of Academic Integrity
  • Honesty and Good Faith
  • Clarity in the Communication of Core Values
  • Professional Conduct of Work
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Fairness and Exemplary Behavior

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