Orientation Days

The orientation is designed to help you settle into life in Gitwe and acquaint you with the university, you will receive general information on studying at the University of Gitwe (UG) as well as on its various facilities (libraries, cafeterias, etc.). You will also receive important information about the formalities connected with your stay in Gitwe.

Next to the core presentations, the one-day orientation includes tours of the university and facilities as well as individual counseling in small groups by tutors (UG students), who will also help you set up your individual class schedule. Of course there will also be plenty of opportunities to meet fellow students. You will also receive a folder containing all the key information on the university's counseling and support services as well as the range of leisure and cultural opportunities that the university and the city of Gitwe have to offer.

We cordially invite you to attend and strongly recommend that you participate. You will receive important information and can make valuable contact with other students. Please note that, the individual departments also offer introductory events especially devoted to their specific programmes.

Five steps to styding at UG

1. Choose the right course

Selecting the best possible course for you is a key decision to make, and often a challenging one. It might be the case that for years you’ve been set on becoming a doctor/lawyer/architect/etc. And you know exactly how you’re going to get there. However, for most of us mere mortals it’s a little trickier than that. Determining what you want to do for the rest of your life can be very daunting; and even if you try your hardest to choose, it’s not usually something that you can decide overnight.

Do a course that you think sounds interesting because you’re more likely to enjoy it, work hard at it and as a result end up with a job that you actually like.

2. Apply(Create & Confirm UG Account by checking the link sent to your email)

3. Complete Application & Upload Documents ... Submit and Pay For Your Application.

4. Registration: Pay your Registration Fees (New and existing students)

5. Join the student community, to enjoy the following benefits:

You’ll learn more about yourself, develop soft skills, learn how to work with a team, get networking opportunities and much more...

Life At UG

UG is an Eco friendly, Energy efficient, Green & Clean, Ragging free Conducive environment for student’s life. It is located near Gitwe city, which once was covered by forests with scarce population in rural area. This land has been transformed into a land of thick foliages, green vegetation and a technology-hub. . It is an energy efficient, pollution-free, zero waste and well-laid campus with an ambience for learning. By its location, the campus offers an ideal environment for teaching, research and living. Though situated in a rural setting, it has all the advantages of any urban location. The entire campus is a spectacle of Green meadow, shady trees.

The University of Gitwe offers a complete educational, cultural and social experience. Whatever your interests, you’ll find a group, an organization, an activity or a program that will appeal to you at UG. Welcome to raging-free and Fraternity Life at UG! We hope you will take an opportunity to get involved in the various aspects of student life offered here at the University. We look forward to providing you with resources related to Fraternity life.

Undergraduate Student Orientation

(Nursing Science, Medicine, Computer Science, Biomedical and Education)

Tuesday, January 5 – 12 to 3 p.m. – Registration Processes
For more information, drop an e-mail to newstudent.orient@ug.ac.rw

International Student Orientation

Tuesday, January 5 – 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. – Auditorium Presentations
For more information, drop an e-mail to internation.orient@ug.ac.rw