UG meets the needs of its students, academics and the international research community with a wide range of library services provided. It holds the primary collections in arts, humanities, social sciences, medicine and informatics. It also houses the Library's general collections of books and periodicals, older books in all subjects, most of the special collections of rare books and manuscripts, the University archives and the Lothian Health Service Archive.

It functions under the authority of the academic Vice-Rector and operates in collaboration with academic and scientific services within the University.

UG library working hours

Mon-Thur 7:30am-9pm

Fri 7:30am-1pm

Sat 6pm-10pm

Sun 9am-9pm

The library opens from 9am-4pm during recess.

The library remains closed during public holidays

These services are accessible to:

  • UG's registered students.
  • Academic staff of UG
  • Administrative staff of UG
  • Regular employees
  • Researchers

Access to the library is also available to other users such visitors with borrowing possibility upon submitting a written request but please be aware that during exam periods access may be restricted. Personal items should be deposited at the document case at the entrance to the library. Below we identify how many books or other items you can borrow depending on your borrower type. We offer a standard loan, a one week loan service and a short loan service (for books in high demand). Vacation borrowing information will be posted here at relevant times (vacation loans do not apply to staff).

Library Procedure for borrowing books:

  • An up-to-date student ID, service card, or library ticket/ reading card
  • Ordinary books can be lent on week-basis renewable once. Special cases as for permanent lecturers at UG, the loan's period can be extended to one month.
  • Lecturers can never hold more than five volumes at the same
  • Special books namely those are frequently requested by many individuals be lent for at maximum two days depending on whether another user is waiting for the same book.
  • During the loan period, the borrower is fully responsible for the documents he/she had borrowed from the library. The loss or deterioration of any borrowed document involves a double repayment of the initial price of the lost/damaged document.

Returning of borrowed documents/books:

  • Borrowed books are returned to the library in the following schedule: Monday to Thursday; 8:00am to 5:00pm. On Friday, Borrowed books are returned between 8:00am and 1:00hrs. Borrowed books are not returned during weekend.
  • Each document returned late, the borrower is liable to a fine of one hundred (100RWF) Rwandan francs per day up to the double purchase of the document for books on general collection
  • Each document returned late, the borrower is liable to a fine of one (200RWF) Rwandan francs for books on specila collection per one extra day up to double purchase of the book.

Access to the books' location on the shelves should be carefully done conforming to the libary's regulations. Silence is to be maintained in the library. Smoking, eating or drinking are strictly prohibited inside the library. Those regulations are strictly posed by the librarian on duty any unconformity is liable to the punishment including a definitive loss of the library's access privileges.


OLuka James
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